Using SHA-256 and RSA Encyrption practices, DocChain securely encrypts all of your data before being stored as a hash directly on the chain.


Use DocChains immutable distributed ledger to audit your documents records. Look back and discover who had access to what and when.


Safely share document access with the necessary users without having to decrypt the data: allowing information to remain encrypted from user to user.

The Problem

User data is extremely valuable. It becomes more valuable with each passing day. Transfering and sharing of proprietary data, personally identifiable information, or sensitive documents continues to be a major security concern for businesses and professionals alike. Unfortunately, with continuous improvements in technology, IT security will always remain a neverending battle. Thankfully, advances in technology have simultaneously enabled professionals to take strides in an effort to securing that information.

The Solution

Using a private blockchain, DocChain is here to cryptographically secure uploaded data for storage. By creating an immutable ledger of actions involving your data, DocChain enables users to audit the history of downloads, changes or revisions, and user access for a particular piece of data by date and time. By creating multiple layers of encryption and a history of accessibility, businesses and professionals are able to operate at full accountability of document access.

Learn How DocChain Can Secure Your Data

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DocChain provides a solution to minimize security risks when sharing documents.

Using DocChain allows users to:

  • Store encrypted documents.
  • Safely and securely transfer document access.
  • Revoke document access.
  • Verify documents are unchanged.
  • Audit current- and historic- user access.
  • Audit document accessibility, history of uploads, downloads, and changes.

  • DocChain is not a Cryptocurrency

  • DocChain is a tokenless blockchain implementation and does not distribute coins to miners of the network.
  • There is no ICO involved and there aren’t any “transaction fees” associated with keeping the system running.
  • DocChain is not public

  • The blockchain may be decentralized, but documents are not shared publicly, nor are they publicly accessible.
  • Not governed by anyone but you and your ecosystem.

  • DocChain exists in your infrastructure where you decide it best fits in your business model.

  • On Premise
  • Off-site Data Center
  • Cloud

  • We have developed DocChain from the ground up and the software lends itself to be customized; providing the ability to integrate with the SSO of your choice.